Harshada Pathare on how to unplug Creativity!

“When I think, I create.” That is how Harshada Pathare begins her epilogue as she starts her creative exploration. To capture the spirit and sensibility of the environment thriving around her, she uses the User-research process.

Creativity is the perfect solution and universal connector. It takes you all over on – an infinite cruise in the endless waters of imagination. The best thing about creativity is that it enables you to preserve your creation in any form – art, music, book, or poem. To be a successful creative artist, you need to wield a strong focus and patience without any expectations.

There are no shortcuts in the creative journey, and the experience is always unique and enriching.

The creative journey of Harshada Pathare started during her school days, unaware that one day her work would titivate into an insightful and inspirational curriculum. The first few lines decide if it will emerge as a story, article, or a series of chapters. An original artist can connect with the radiant energy that evolves during the meditations of creative pursuit. With introspective powers, authenticity reflects in the creative work. Harshada loves to follow this muse – truth, and liberation.

It is inspiring to see how she steps away from her routine work and silently enters into her creative chasms in any time zone. Her companion is only a cup of hot, brewing coffee and the passion that empowers her goals. Basking in the creative light, she breaks off from the repetitive tasks and transforms into a cosmic flow of thoughts and ideas.

Harshada Pathare loves the magnitude of her role as an author and expanded to social presence and networking on digital platforms. Her fans and followers are on the rise as her social accounts got the blue tick verification. For any artist, it is mandatory to have the right medium or platform to showcase, connect and collaborate with the community for holistic empowerment.

For Harshada, everything looks glamorous, but the start was not as easy as it seems. Growing up in a middle-class ecosystem, she had to rebel to invert conformist standards and general stereotypes. It was her calling to be free and wild enough to challenge the status quo. 

Harshada’s mother encouraged her to dive into the creative abyssal, knowing there was no way back. Her journey was filled with internal and external chaos – as she had to connect with her mind, senses, and soul to seek inner strength. Harshada was working 24*7 and experiencing FOMO – when the outside world was having fun. She feared that her creative work had no predictive outcome, and stability was a question.

Sometimes, success happens, but sometimes, you just don’t fit into a box. An outcome doesn’t determine your creative abilities. You have to think outside the box in a longer time horizons way as the world around us continues to shift.

Harshada Pathare emphasizes that we express and experience Creativity as non-linear – renewing, refreshing, and rejuvenating, just like the symbol of infinity, like infinity.

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