Holi Remedies with Ace Astro-Numerologist Sidhharrth S Kumaar

Gurugram, Haryana [India]: Holi is a traditional Hindu festival celebrating at the beginning of spring and lasts for two days. It is the celebration of prosperity, love, and colours and the triumph of good over evil. Holi is relatively secular among Hindu celebrations. It has various methodologies behind it. First and important is the burning of the devil Holika and has a story of Krishna and Radha.

Krishna loved Radha, but he has some disturbances about the difference in their skin colours. Then he went and painted Radha’s face, so it was the same colour as his.

That is why it said that lovers also celebrate Holi by colouring their faces with the same colour during celebrations.

Holi is foremost known as the festival of colours. There are four important colours which reflect different things. Red represents prosperity and love; the blue colour is the colour of Krishna, yellow is the colour of turmeric, and green reflects spring and new starting’s.

These remedies of numbers are based on Destiny’s Number of persons.

You can also know your destiny numbers by adding all digits of your date of birth together and reducing them to single digit.

Knowing what to do or what not to do on this holi will definitely help you to make a way to a good future. Our destiny number could tell a lot about the same. So, some suggestions to be followed this holi are:

Method to Find Destiny Number:

If the sum of your date of birth together is 1. For example: ajay’s DOB is 10-9-1998 then his destiny number will be 1+0+9+1+9+9+8 = 37 adding further 37 = 3+7 = 10; 1+0= 1.

Number 1:

  • Any individual with destiny number 1 should play Holi with pink or any bright colour which brings happiness and prosperity to life.
  • Also, you should take blessings from your father to bring fortune and wealth.

Number 2:

  • If your destiny number is 2 then worship God Shiva and Goddess Parvati. They will bring fearlessness to life. Also, you will be blessed with a long life if God Shiva is happy with you.
  • You should play Holi with yellow colour or any light shade of silver colour. It will bring happiness and calmness to life.

Number 3:

  • Play Holi with violet or Amethyst colour on this holi. It is the best colour for people with destiny number 3.
  • To bring good fortune keep yellow colour on the roots of a banyan tree.

Number 4:

  • One should offer lighter shades of blue and purple to their family, friends, and god.
  • You should gift abir to poor sanitary people. They will give you blessing in terms of happiness and colours.

 Number 5:

  • Play Holi with green colour to bring friendliness and freshness all around.
  • On this day, you must take blessings from your sister, and bua which will bring positivity and eliminates all negative vibes.
  • One should also offer green abir/colour to Lord Ganesh. Lord Ganesh brings wealth, health, and prosperity to life.

Number 6:

  • People with destiny number 6 must offer pink abir/colour to everyone. It will help to create positive energy and happiness.
  • To bring wealth with creative thinking and helping nature offer pink abir to Goddess Laxmi.

Number 7:

  • You can play Holi and have fun with any light shade of colour. It brings calmness and stability to life.
  • You must offer any present to your guru. Take blessing from your teachers to bring a bright future to your journey.

Number 8:

  • The charcoal grey colour is best to offer to your friends and family and wish them luck to grow and fill their life with colours.
  • One must gift usable things to poor people or old aged people living at old age homes. Bring a smile to the faces of others always helps to bring happiness to your own life.

Number 9:

  • The red colour is best for all the people with destiny number 9 to bring position and power.
  • Offering abir to lord hanuman will bring strength, power, and courage to fight any tribulation in life.

This Holi follow these remedies and transform your life with flying colours.

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