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For more than 140 years, Prudential Financial has helped individual and institutional clients grow and protect their wealth. We are known for delivering on our promises to our customers and are recognized as a trusted brand and one of the most respected companies in the world.

Prudential Financial is the largest INSURANCE company in the United States, with total assets of about $1.456 trillion. The main products and services offered include life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, pensions and retirement-related investments, administrative and asset management, and securities brokerage services. It provides these products and services to individual and institutional customers through distribution networks in the financial services industry. Prudential operates in the US, Asia, Europe and Latin America and divides its main business into financial services and closed bulk businesses.

Prudential is made up of hundreds of subsidiaries that hold more than $4 trillion in life insurance. In 2019, Prudential Financial raised $20 million with a focus on blue-collar areas and had very good results. In 2020, Prudential Financial, together with several of its investment companies, raised another $70 million (with additional investments based on user numbers) to help SMEs and blue-collar workers in India understand the importance of financial independence and address cash flow issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. To meet their savings, investment and insurance needs, and to help people gain access to more financial products and services as they recover from the outbreak, a complete set of virtual digital banking products and solutions has been developed.

Prudential’s financial confidence is used to use our unique customized product and attention Customer experience, we can work hard to realize real financial purours and help blue-collar workers While providing profitable services for customers, the short-term monthly cash flow shock.

On the Prudential financial platform, you can achieve stable wealth appreciation through financial planning. We help you formulate the most perfect wealth distribution plan to maximize your wealth appreciation.
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Free rewards:
● Successful registration: Registration bonus 20 rupees
● Log in and sign in every day to get rewards, and the rewards for consecutive sign-in will increase, 1 rupees on the first day, 2 rupees on the second day, and soon The seventh day is 7 rupees, and the total reward for 7 days is 28 rupees. Intermittent sign-in recalculation. 7 days as a reward cycle.

Financial income:
Wealth management investment rebate: your subordinates 3rd level team members purchase wealth management products, and according to their level, you can return their corresponding purchase principal in proportion (you must purchase wealth management products for 15 days or more to get Thisrebate). 

Directly subordinates purchase 1,000 rupees 15-day or 15- day or more cycle wealth management products, you can get 10% of the principal, that is, 100 rupees,Members who purchase 2-day wealth management products will not incur commissions.

Level 3 subordinates can invest in financial products in any cycle. You can get a rebate

For example: buying 1,000 rupees for 15 days or more than 15 days of cycle wealth management products, you can get 10% of the principal, that is, 100 rupees.
B buys 1,000 rupees wealth management products, you can get 5% of its principal, that is, 50rupees
C buys 1,000 rupees wealth management products, you can get 3% of its principal, that is, 30 rupees


●Only 180-day wealth management products can be purchased multiple times, other cycle wealth management products can only be purchased once per person, and can be purchased at the same time

● Subordinates purchase 15 days or more than 15 days of financial management cycle will generate commissions, purchase 2-day financial products will not generate commissions

●The purchase limit per person for 2 days of financial management is 100-10000, and there is no purchase limit for other financial products

Recharge and withdrawal

Recharge time: 7*24 hours. When recharging, your payment amount must be the same as the order amount you submitted. After you complete the payment. The system will process it automatically and it will arrive in about 30 minutes.

Withdrawal instructions: The withdrawal time is from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 120 rupees. Under normal circumstances, withdrawals will arrive within 24 hours, and will be postponed on weekends and holidays.

The Indian government will levy a 10% tax when withdrawing funds.

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