Norlanka Brands, part of The PDS Multinational Group enters B2C Business in India

Presents Lilly + Sid, Britain’s Leading Organic Kids Wear Brand

A Digital First Approach Allows Adoption of Sustainable Practices

New Delhi [India]: Norlanka Brands, the retail arm of the PDS Multinational Group presents Lilly + Sid, the organic award winning British kids wear brand, in India this month. Engaged in responsible sourcing, Lilly + Sid works only with SEDEX certified factories and each of their products has received the prestigious Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification, the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers.

Norlanka Brands, responsible for launching the private label brands of PDS Multinational in India, Middle East and the South East Asian market, has recently acquired a majority stake in Lilly + Sid, UK and introduces the brand in India as a trendy yet conscious offering for children’s clothing, made with 100% organic cotton.

From the shelves of heritage British retailers like Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, Lilly  + Sid enters the Indian market in a digitally forward format with an exclusive tie up with Reliance Retail’s fashion marketplace:, supplemented by their own website This E-commerce first approach allows Norlanka Brands to follow more environment friendly processes for digital supply chain management and adopt sustainable practices for overall reduction in their carbon footprint.

Founded in 2009 by Imran & Emma Hassan in the UK, Lilly + Sid was started with a mission to create clothes for children, combining quality with organic fabrics in a planet friendly manner. The brand has now evolved into one of Britain’s top sustainable kids wear labels with ‘unique designs for little people and their planet’ and has won multiple accolades over the last ten years including the ‘Top 10 Ethical Brands Worldwide’ by Guardian, UK and the prestigious ‘Loved By Parents’ Award in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

“As kids wear evolves to be an important lifestyle focus for parents, we are proud to launch an award winning, certified brand like Lilly + Sid which has a strong ethical foundation, in India. With a robust digital presence, we wish to offer Indian consumers a product line that is sustainable, conscious and does not compromise on quality of clothing for children. For us at Norlanka, where we believe that the future of fashion is sustainable, the unique handwriting and the organic story of Lilly+Sid matches our philosophy”, says Mr GS Periwal, CEO, Norlanka Pvt. Ltd.

As a conscious and mindful company, Norlanka Manufacturing wishes to blend sustainable wear into mainstream lifestyle and consistently work on their mission to reduce the adverse impact of using non-sustainable materials on the environment. To this end, Norlanka follows strict protocols in line with the founding pillars of sustainability: ethical sourcing, eco-friendly raw materials, social sustainability, water treatment, waste management, energy efficiency and responsible supply chain. All of the United Nations’ SDGs are followed and to achieve their aspiration to become carbon neutral by 2025, they have already commenced work with manufacturing partners. Investments in the latest technology that allows for 3D Design, Sampling and Fit will go a step further in making fully immersive yet environment friendly virtual showrooms for the B2C brands being launched in India by Norlanka.

“With Lilly + Sid, where style and sustainability go hand in hand, the mission is to offer a unique alternative to what is currently available in the market. We at Norlanka Brands, strongly believe that a truly sustainable venture begins with mindful production as well as the elimination of excess inventories. We are delighted to present Lilly + Sid aa a future forward brand that follows circular design principles and creates apparel using easy to care for, nontoxic materials from renewable resources with the lowest environmental impact. Lilly + India offers organic solutions for everyday clothing for boys & girls, that is sure to change how ready-to-wear clothes are designed, manufactured and sold in India.”, adds Mr Ankit Shukla, Country Head for India & Middle East, Norlanka Pvt. Ltd.

With a 100% organic cotton clothing line, Lilly+Sid’s products focus on sustainability without sacrificing style! While conventional cotton uses about 16% of the world’s insecticides and 7% of pesticides, organic cotton doesn’t damage the soil, has less impact on the air, uses 88% less water and 62% less energy.  “We focus on maximising the lifecycle of our products through thoughtful design features that enable garments to grow with the child through the years. Our multi-wear separates and reversible garments are a key part of the collections – two looks in one are a great win for sustainable wardrobes with less washing and less pieces needed to create looks for little ones!”, says Emma Hassan, Co-Founder, Lilly + Sid.

By combining the founder’s British roots and her passion for craftsmanship with the minimalism & functionality of modern design, Lilly +Sid is dedicated to crafting garments that outlast trends and seasons while having a minimal impact on the planet. While Norlanka Brands partners with Lilly+Sid as a technology driven enabler, offering a springboard to the brand in India, the founders will focus on product development and design for the Indian consumers in line with what parents across Britain love about Lilly+Sid.

Lilly + Sid is a brand for the young, modern parents who are actively involved in the growing years of their children while they create new traditions as a unit and are invested in building a sustainable future as a family. With its organic offering for children, Lilly+Sid promises to be the perfect new addition to the ever evolving kids wear market in India.

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