His Highness Hatim Turki AL Said: A Genius Entrepreneur from Oman

Entrepreneur Hatim Turki AL Said is one of the most influential royals from the Sultanate. Hailing from Oman, His Highness Hatim Turki AL Said is actively promoting the local tourism of his country as well as the neighbouring countries.

An engineer with a master’s degree in engineering and management from the United Kingdom. Entrepreneur Hatim Turki AL Said is currently working for the largest oil and gas exploration and production company in the Sultanate, Petroleum Development Oman P.D.O. The company is owned by the government of the Sultanate with 60% of the shares.

HH Hatim Turki AL Said is very different from the other royals and lives his life in between the people. He often does charity work with his whole family. His charity works are more focused on promoting education and skill development amongst the youth with special focus on the girls students.

Entrepreneur HH Hatim Turki AL Said has more than 25k followers on his Instagram where he frequently shares pictures from his travel diaries. He visits many such places that are directly connected with the heritage of the country and promotes tourism to such spots. His Instagram is filled with his pictures in such places along with his family.

“In the race of earning money, we are often forced to enter into professions which we are never interested in. Through that profession, we may start earning but we could never break through the hegemony and ultimately suffer depression in later parts of our lives. For mental health and peace, the right work environment plays an integral role and we help the people find their right environment through Consulting them about their best professional career options.” Shares Entrepreneur HH Hatim Turki AL Said.

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