Gujarat’s tableau presenting replica of ‘Sun Temple’ of Modhera in Republic-Day parade in New Delhi

Gujarat’s tableau replicating ancient vivid sculpture-architecture and energetic ‘Tippani Dance’ will be the eye catcher

Gandhinagar: Gujarat’s tableau presenting replica of world famous ‘Sun Temple’ of Modhera on Republic-Day parade in New Delhi will enhance the glory of Raj Path. The tableau has highlighted the best combination of sculpture-architecture and culture through a perfect replica of the ‘Sun Temple’ of Modhera. The tableau has been built by a team of 60 artists after putting toiling, diligent efforts for three months. The tableau is conceived and presented by the Information Department of the State Government at the National Parade on 26th January, every year.

The Sun Temple, located on the banks of Pushpavati River near Mehsana in North Gujarat, was built by King Bhimdev (1st) of the Solanki Dynasty in 1026-27, about a thousand years from now. It is believed that the Sun Temple of Modhera was built even earlier than the Konark Sun Temple in Orissa.

Gujarat’s tableau presenting replica of ‘Sun Temple’ of Modhera in Republic-Day parade in New Delhi

The ‘Maru-Gurjar’ style temple complex has a sanctum sanctorum, Sabha Mandap (Auditorium/audience hall) and Suryakund. The legendary assembly hall of this architecture, which is engraved with poetry as if in stones, has 52 carved pillars symbolizing the 52 weeks of the year, on which scenes of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Krishna Leela are engraved. The main trailer part of the tableau is adorned with a huge auditorium while the tractor part features two pillars like the Kirti-Toran.

On the tableau, leading sculptors have built a perfect replica of the Sun Temple from fiber casting. Dholpur Stone textured colors have been used to create a stone-like replica. The Sun Temple on the tableau has been radiated with LED and flood-lights.

While the ‘Sun Temple Tableau’ march-pass during the Republic-Day parade on Raj Path, 12 women artists will be presenting ‘Tippani Dance’. The ‘Tippani Dance’ will be presented by Gujarati women artists clad in traditional ‘Jimmy Dress’ to thrill the Raj Path with their rhythmic steps. A special song has been written for this ‘Tippani Dance’. With wordings ‘Surya Dev naTejChheAdkera, HendoneJaiyeSauModhera’ (The radiance of Sun-God is unique, Let’s all go to Modhera) Gujarat is inviting tourists from all around the world to arrive at Modhera.”

Gujarat’s tableau presenting replica of ‘Sun Temple’ of Modhera in Republic-Day parade in New Delhi

Under the competent guidance and supervision of Mr. Ashwini Kumar – Secretary, Information and Broadcasting Department, and Mr. Ashok Kalariya – Information Director, Additional Information Director Mr. Arvind Patel, Deputy Director(s) Information Mr. Pankaj Modi and Mr. Hiren Bhatt; and Mr. SiddheshwarKanuga of The Smart Graph Art Advertising Pvt. Ltd. and his team have made great efforts in preparing the tableau.

About 60 artists, including sculptors, painters, fabricators, masons and other artisans, are currently giving final touches to the Tableau in New Delhi. Gujarat’s tableau will adorn Raj Path in New Delhi with its vivid sculptural-architectures replicating the Sun Temple and energetic ‘Tippani Dance’.(With inputs from PIB)

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