Entrepreneur Engin AVCI: Expert who preaches Numbers and their relationship with life according to Islamic Mysticism 

Engin AVCI is an ace journalist, researcher, analyst and a person who knows the language of numbers and colors. This entrepreneur is an expert of human analysis with numbers and colors. With the help of mathematics and science entrepreneur Engin AVCI is able to interpret the relationships, emotional life and careers of people he has never even met. He has written the book “Evrenin Sırrı Sayılar Book” which deals with the relationship of human life and mathematics. 

Born in 1987, Ankara.. entrepreneur Engin AVCI is an caucausian from Nogai Turks of Cherkesya (Situated by the border of Russia). He is an alumni of Anatolian Communication High School where he completed his 4th degree of High school and thereafter he completed his 11tg degree University from Süleyman Demirel University in the year 2008. Engin AVCI then joined Business school in the year 2009 and also focused on his sport Business which earnestly became viral across the country. Between 2008 – 2018 he organized almost 20 international sport championships for the Turkish “Sport and Youth Ministry”. He has also been the Head Director of the Media Committee, for the Deaflympics Committee, Sofia/Bulgary in the 2013 Deaflympic Games. 

Entrepreneur Engin AVCI has also worked with Ass. Prime Minister for as long as 8 months in the year 2012. 

Presently Entrepreneur Engin AVCI is working towards the awakening of humanity with the philosophy about creation and Islamıc Mysticism. He also does Tv shows, writes books and does Internet TV. You can connect to him through his Instagram at @Enginavciofficiall where he has more than 146k followers. 

Entrepreneur Engin AVCI has given 12 years of his life to the research about numbers and Muhyiddin İbn-i Arabi the system of numbers.

This system is about the sky and how Allah created all humanity and planets. He has written about this in his book “Evrenin Sırrı Sayılar”. Entrepreneur Engin AVCI because of this exceptional knowledge also runs a training academy that teaches a number knowledge system. Also he is a program producer and presenter on “Uçarkuş TV”. He has a very impressive analysis and gives professional private sessions for the future predictions too.

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