Donatekart Came To The Rescue Of German Lady Struggling To Feed Cows In Her Gaushala

  • German Lady Struggling To Feed Cows In Her Gaushala Gets Immense Support Through Crowdfunding
  • German Lady Raises 1 Crore On Indian Crowdfunding Platform For Her Gaushala 
  • Donatekart Helps Raise Over 1 Crore For Gaushala Run By German Lady In Mathura
  • Over 1 Crore Raised For German Lady’s Gaushala In Mathura On Donatekart 

A German who came to India as a passing tourist 40 years ago, Friederike Bruning was irresistibly attracted to the country’s spiritual heritage and traditions. She came in search of the right path to the ultimate goal of life and started leading a spiritual life. After taking Diksha, Friederike became known as Sudevi Mataji. She still continues to practice what she found and learned, and since then, India has been her country.

Here, Sudevi ji found something that was special to her – her bond and relationship with cows. Her life changed once again when she came across an injured calf on the outskirts of Mathura. The calf’s leg was broken and the dirt and dust had formed a thick, cakey layer over the wound. Maggots were feasting on the exposed flesh and covered half her body. Sudevi ji’s heart broke looking at the calf’s plight. She took her home and nursed the little one back to life. That’s when the real journey and purpose of her life began. Today, she has over 2500 cows whom she takes care of at Radha Surabhi Gaushala in Mathura.

Sudevi ji was even awarded the prestigious Padma Shri Award in 2019 for her relentless efforts to protect the rights of these voiceless animals.

Nearly half of the cows at her gaushala are permanently handicapped, sick, or injured. She gives all of them a safe and loving home. Each cow, calf, and bull at Radha Surabhi has a name, an identity, and a special place in Sudevi Mataji’s heart. However, the journey hasn’t been without challenges. Due to the pandemic, Sudevi ji struggled to feed and care for her cows. Every grain of food and every medicine was hard to come by. But there was a silver lining – crowdfunding.

“These cows are like my children. Can you imagine seeing your child suffer and not being able to do anything about it? My heart broke as I saw them suffering but there was only so much I could do. The pandemic worsened the situation, we didn’t have enough food or medicine. Each day was a struggle, we didn’t know what was in store for us,” – Sudevji, founder of Radha Surabhi Gaushala.

Donatekart Came To The Rescue Of German Lady Struggling To Feed Cows In Her Gaushala

However, there is immense power in people coming together for a common cause. With the help of Donatekart, an online crowdfunding platform that allows NGOs to raise funds for supplies, Sudevi ji found hope. Her incredible campaign on Donatekart is a fitting example of the power of crowdfunding and its life-changing impacts. Within a span of 15 days, she was able to raise 1.2 Crore worth of fodder and medicines from 7500+ Donors across the world. Donatekart has previously supported similar causes, but the success of this campaign has been spectacular.

We’ve supported over 30 gaushalas before this, and when we found out Sudevi ji needed our help, we didn’t think twice. Her dedication towards the cause was heartwarming. When we saw the love she has for cows, we knew that people would definitely come forward to support her cause. ” – Anil Kumar Reddy, CEO & Co-founder of Donatekart.

As of today, Donatekart has worked for over 1000+ causes across India and helped them raise 75 crore worth of donations with the help of 5 lakh donors. You can visit their website to support similar causes and know more about the platform.

“Thanks to all the lovely donors who came forward and helped me give my children a better life. In a matter of two weeks, medicine and food kept pouring in. I have been able to care for the injured ones and give them nutritious diets. It was so touching to see them heal from their pain, they deserve so much better… I hadn’t imagined this huge support but then miracles do happen in this wonderful land!” – Sudeviji.

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