Borosil Limited And Hahnemühle’s Filter Papers praised for its multi-varied industrial uses

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 10, 2022: Earlier this year, Borosil Limited announced the launch of their high-quality filter papers in India in collaboration with Hahnemühle – a world-renowned paper manufacturing company, and a pioneer in specialty papers since 1883.

With the purpose to provide laboratory professionals in India with the finest quality filter papers, the collaboration looked to leverage Borosil’s extensive reach & high credibility with Hahnemühle’s “Made in Germany” quality for the benefit of India’s scientific community. Together, they launched products like Qualitative filter papers, Quantitative filter papers, hardened quantitative filter papers, and Glass fiber filters, among others.

Since its launch, the collaboration has proven to be a major success, bringing in an abundance of positive reception from Borosil’s clientele across various industries. The products which include Qualitative filter papers, Quantitative filter papers, Hardened quantitative filter papers, Glass fibre filters see applications of the filter range for different functions in multiple industries. In Chemical Industries, the filter papers can be used for the Analysis of Detergents, in Oil refinery, Cement analysis, Gravimetric measurements of elements and contaminants. Similarly, in the Agricultural Industry filter paper is used for the analyzing and quantifying elements, nutrients, contaminants in Soil, Fertilizer and Feed.

In the Pharmaceutical industries, the uses are widespread right from raw material analysis to QC of finished drug products, healthcare products, cosmeceuticals. In the Food & Beverage Industry, the filter paper can be used for the Analysis of Edible oil, Sugar, Milk and milk products, meat, and meat products, Determination of fats, proteins, added sugars in milk and milk products.

The filter paper is also used in the Environmental Industry for air and water pollution analysis, specifically Determination of suspended and total suspended particles in the air, Monitoring the presence of pollutants in the air at different measuring points, Measurement of dust release in workplace and production processes, exhaust fumes from private houses, and newly developed engines, Monitoring the microbiological quality of drinking water, Determination of total dry residue in water and Analysis of waste products in the disposal of industrial waste and laboratory waste.

Speaking on the applications of the filter papers in various industries Mr. Vinayak Patankar, COO, Borosil said, “We are very pleased to see our collaboration with Hahnemühle bear fruit and receive an initial positive response from our clientele and also witness the strong performance and application of our product across numerous industries. This is what we envisioned, to provide our customers with a product that could be applied in various markets and be an effective alternative to the current standard of filter papers. Our aim is to match global benchmarks in filter papers. Though our strategic partnership with the pioneers of filter papers might just be in its initial phase, we are flooded with positive feedback and testimonies from our customers and clients and this certainly motivates us to go further.”

Borosil’s high-quality filter papers are designed with unique features that make them a tough competitor for others in the market. The papers contain up to 98% alpha-cellulose – the most stable form of cellulose in paper pulp, hence making the papers highly stable and durable. In order to ensure batch-to-batch uniformity and consistency in filtering performance, no recycled materials are used in the manufacturing processes, making the network structure of the papers uniform. The papers contain very low ash content aiding the laboratory professionals’ in obtaining accurate quantitative analysis with minimal errors.

To top it all off, the papers are manufactured in Germany; meaning manufacturing processes and product specifications are compliant with the stringent European QC standards, guaranteeing the user’s finest quality filter papers.

 Numerous lab analysts and chemists from various industries such as agricultural institutions, food testing, soil testing labs, food, dairy, and chemical industries across India have used Borosil Filter Papers and have appreciated the quality and performance of these filter papers, mentioning that they are happy to have found an alternative.

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