A media agency helping startups and MSMEs to boost business on Social Media and Internet

Digitary a Media and Marketing Brand, was founded on 8 October 2021 by Nikunj Agarwal. Later on, it got registered as an LLP. Digitary Media is an Udaipur based company.

Digitary Media handles a range of work. They are incharge of almost every feature that one requires to make a known, permanent presence on social media and earn money through it.

Work handled by Digitary:

As everyone is setting up their business online it is necessary to stand out and to make yourself and your business notice in the eyes of the public. Digitary comes in picture here and ensures to create a reputation and position from scratch in the business world.

The exact work that falls under the category of the work that Digitary handles are Public relations, Online reputation, Designing, Web Development, SEO, Google Adsense, Digital marketing etc.

Digitary maintains the portrayal of an individual’s or company’s image in the eye of the public, they also handle the online reputation and presence. Digitary Media also looks after the work of web development, graphic designing, SEO content writing according to the need. Google Adsense and digital marketing are two other specialties of Digitary Media. Their marketing skills are to the point. The right strategies are used to come in the eye of the target audience. They also recently launched a Media website which provides daily news updates and many informative blogs, named Post Globes.

Review from a client:

The company which ensures the best social media marketing and PR for the growth of small businesses around the globe. Digitary LLP helps online businesses, influencers and content creators to grow by helping them through proper marketing strategies and PR support. They have one of the best advertising skills which are effective and ensure the growth of their clients. Digitary focuses to make things reach to the masses by advertising it on all the means possible. They are well known for 100% client satisfaction. Digitary is one of the top marketing companies of India.” These are the words of one the clients of Digitary when asked to review their work.”

About the founder: Nikunj Agarwal

The founder of Digitary is Nikunj Agarwal. He is just 17 years old and handling such a large venture. He is known as one of the youngest entrepreneurs of Rajasthan.

All the hard work and patience that he gave into this business gave him the outcome he always wanted. “DIGITARY LLP” and “NIKUNJ AGARWAL” are two names that are recognized globally at present time.

At this time Digitary is handling a good number of clients globally. The small venture that he started has grown so much all by his hard work and patience. Starting at an early age gave him the time to understand things, seeing them with different perspectives and gain ample amounts of knowledge. Nikunj’s work is full of fresh and innovative ideas that reflect clearly through his work. He has completed many successful projects from the time he has begun. For him this all is just a fun ride as he loves his work, which makes it a million times better.

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